Each duty day should have a separate document containing the schedule for the team. Once this schedule is "published" you will be able to obtain a link to that document that can be shared with all team members.

To embed a "clickable link" in the calendar event description you must include HTML code such as the following:

<a href="http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=dhgznn67_7fgkzgcg5&hl=en">Please click here for schedule</a>

  • Copy and paste this line into your schedule document. Replace the middle part (within the quotes) with the URL you get after publishing your schedule. The part highlighted in light green is the part that will change for each document.
  • Note: As a privileged user, opening the event description again will cause the HTML code to be removed. You will have to replace it again - which is why you should save it in your document.
  • If the document is changed, to reflect changes in the schedule, the link will not change, so you will not have to do this again.